Type Approval

on Monday, 30 April 2012.

Type Approval

This year sees a major step forward in the UK trailer industry, as the new European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval requirements become fully effective on 29th October 2012.

This will mean that all new trailers from that date will have to be inspected and approved before they can be used on the road

This will be done either by the VCA – the UK’s national approval authority for new road vehicles – or for individual trailers by the Vehicle and Operating Services Agency (VOSA).

This will bring about improvements in design and safety, such as:

More effective spray suppression.

Rear under-run protection.

Improved lighting (to include reversing lights - optional on unbraked trailers of 750kg or less).

Other points of interest are:

VIN number stamping (to identify the manufacturer and to improve trailer identification, traceability and responsibility.

Confirmation of the towball height requirement of 430mm +/- 35mm when laden and level.

More information at http://www.dft.gov.uk/vca/vehicletype/trailers.asp

All M+E Trailers will comply with the new requirements on or before 29th October 2012.

The new regulations have given us the opportunity to assess our entire trailer range, so over the coming months we will be renewing our website and brochures to illustrate the changes that we apply